Other Membership Options


Independent consultants and consulting groups who do not sell, distribute, or represent any technology products or services to the hospitality industry or its related ecosystems, may be eligible for a Consultant Membership. Benefits are similar to those for Corporate Industry Partner memberships, but apply only to one person.


$375 per year

(proof of eligibility is required)




Full-time faculty at accredited universities with hospitality or technology programs.

$50 per year




Full-time students enrolled in accredited hospitality or technology programs

Applicant must provide a valid email address from their educational institution (.edu)




HTNG actively works with other trade and professional associations, standards bodies, and industry groups to foster the development of next-generation, interoperable technologies. We take a pragmatic approach to this task, meaning that we strongly prefer to incorporate the work of other organizations into our efforts, whenever that work is relevant to the task at hand.

Association partnership with HTNG does not imply endorsement of the organization, but rather a commitment to work together in common areas of interest, and to avoid duplication of effort wherever possible.

HTNG provides complimentary access to its workgroups, working documents, drafts, and specifications to recognized associations and other organizations, for use by their appointed officers and representatives in the conduct of official business for their organization.

Please contact us if interested in becoming a HTNG member.



Journalists writing for recognized publications relevant to hospitality technology are eligible to apply for Allied Memberships.


(subject to HTNG's discretion)