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4 Ways to Clear Tech Hurdles

By: Lisa Terry

Delivering a seamless, personalized experience requires the elegant behind-the-scenes orchestration of many different technologies. This is far from easy - or inexpensive. HTNG has just chartered four new workgroups aimed at reducing the time, cost and other obstacles standing between hoteliers and ideal brand experiences. All workgroups are now welcoming industry participants.

HTNG Checks In: HTNG North America + HTF = HT-NEXT

By: Lisa Terry

MARCH 3 2017 - Attending the hotel tech industry's top trade shows is a must to stay on top of rapid changes in hotel technology. But traveling to all those shows can be tough. HTNG and Hospitality Technology are fixing that by merging two shows into one mega-event resulting in more content, less travel. HT-NEXT is the blending of HTNG's North American Conference and HT's Hotel Technology Forum. Taking place April 10-13 in Orlando, Fla., HT-NEXT will draw from the best of each of the events and add some new features as well.

HTNG Checks In: Collaboration Key to Better Tech

By: Lisa Terry

FEBRUARY 15 2017 - The core concept of HTNG is to gather the industry's best minds to devise the strongest possible solution to a shared technology challenge. Current trends such as industry consolidation, digital transformation and heightened security risks make that mission critical, driving HTNG leadership to align with other industry groups. In 2017, HTNG will embark on several initiatives to develop a more collaborative and informed group of CMOs, CDOs, CIOs and hoteliers.

Making the Switch: Converting a Copper Network to Fiber in Six Steps - Part 1

By: Michal Christine Escobar

FEBRUARY 8 2017 - When hoteliers discuss the idea of installing "fiber optic cabling," they likely have one of two reactions: complete aversion or total acceptance. Like any other technology, fiber does have its pros and cons. However, many hoteliers might be interested to learn that the most common concerns about fiber have been addressed in recent years, making it a viable alternative to copper cabling.

Hotel technology under the spotlight at HTNG conference

By: Patrick Ryan

JANUARY 26 2017 - There was a glimpse into the future use of technology at the Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) Conference 2017 in Dubai on Wednesday, 25 January. Hotel News ME caught up with CEO Michael Blake at the event in Dubai's Ritz Carlton Hotel.

HT-NEXT Awards Program to Honor Visionary Hotel Companies & Innovative Products

By: HT Magazine

JANUARY 10 2017 - Hospitality Technology (HT) magazine and HTNG are pleased to announce that nominations are open for the HT-NEXT Awards Program including both the 2017 Hotel Visionary Awards and the HTNG TechOvation Award. The Awards Program, sponsored by Datatrend Technologies, will take place at HT-NEXT on April 11, 2017.

The top 5 tech trends for 2017

By: Esther Hertzfeld

JANUARY 3 2017 - HOTEL MANAGEMENT interviewed Michael Blake, CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation, about the technology trends that are coming down the pipeline. Here's what he thinks will take a starring role in 2017.

As the bartender buzzed and whirred, the martini was shaken, not stirred

By: David Sjolander

DECEMBER 27 2016 - Robots taking over certain roles in the hospitality industry is not a question of "if", writes David Sjolander of HTNG, but of "how" and "when". But they will interfere with the human interaction we foster with guests, many hoteliers argue. Then the logical entry point will be in back-of-house functions - but they won't stop there.

Hotel Technology Next Generation: The way forward

By: Monika Nerger

DECEMBER 23 2016 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) was founded in 2002 as a non-profit industry association with a mission to foster collaboration and partnership, in the development of next-generation systems and solutions to enable hoteliers and their technology vendors to do business globally in the 21st century. One of the key industry issues HTNG initially set out to solve was the complex nature of integration between systems. As Monika Nerger explains, the hospitality industry has changed considerably since then, and HTNG is creating a vision for the next decade to support the ever-changing demands of our industry.

HTNG Checks In: Hotels Helping to Reinvent the CRM

By: Lisa Terry

DECEMBER 20 2016 - Hotels no longer sell rooms: They sell experiences. So they need technology that improves the guest experience, inclusive of but going beyond the room. This was the conclusion reached by some of the industry's brightest minds during HTNG's Insight Summit in Amsterdam this past April. Hotels need systems that put the guest at the core, from better serving guests' needs prior to booking a trip on through the post-stay.

HITEC Amsterdam to Co-Locate with HTNG's Insight Summit Europe

By: HT Magazine

NOVEMBER 7 2016 - Global hospitality association Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), producers of the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC), said it is partnering with Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) to co-locate the HTNG Insight Summit Europe with the premier HITEC Amsterdam. Both events will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. HTNG's Insight Summit Europe will be held from March 27-28, 2017, while HFTP's HITEC Amsterdam will take place March 28-30 at the RAI Convention Centre.

HTNG Checks In: Security Experts Collaborate to Minimize Impact of Breach

By: Lisa Terry

OCTOBER 13 2016 - In the aftermath of a security breach, time is of the essence.Top priorities include: understanding the nature and scope of the breach, consulting with experts, and preparing and enacting a plan to minimize the impact and make whole those systems and individuals affected.

HTNG Checks In: The Hotel Data Security Problem: Bigger Than Many Think

By: Lisa Terry

SEPTEMBER 9 2016 - Social security numbers, birth dates, credit card numbers, CVV codes: Every hospitality organization knows these are key pieces of data that must be kept private and secure. Sometimes they're best not kept at all. What they may not know is that those pieces of information are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sensitive data. In face, there are some big problems when it comes to the way hotels currently collect and store information about their staff and guests.

Ensuring Privacy through Security Best Practices

By: Julie Ritzer Ross

AUGUST 9 2016 - Increasingly, hotels are collecting, analyzing, using, and storing guest data, including personally identifiable data (PII), to facilitate guest engagement and great service. Personal data is being harnessed in conjunction with loyalty, CRM, PMS, and other technology - and the more it is leveraged, the more vulnerable it becomes.

HTNG Checks In: HTNG Workgroups: 4 Myths & 4 Surprising Benefits

By: Lisa Terry

AUGUST 9 2016 - Workgroups are where the rubber hits the road at HTNG: groups of hoteliers and vendors working together to define best practices and a framework for solutions to some of the industry's most challenging problems. Some organizations join HTNG and dive right into workgroups. Many others, in contrast, sit on the sidelines for years, attending events and following developments without engaging in HTNG's central activity.

HTNG Checks In: Five Partnership Projects Happening by 2017

By: Lisa Terry

JUNE 13 2016 - "In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." - Charles Darwin. New concepts and adapted ideas keep the hospitality marketplace vibrant. Putting those into practice in hotel organizations, however, can be a real challenge due to a lack of standards, complex IT environments and conflicting vendor points of view.

Expert Q&A: Keys to Better Tech Project Management

By: Julie Ritzer Ross

MAY 13 2016 - Deploying technology to manage technology projects can sometimes feel like the chicken or egg quagmire. Just as the proverbial riddle asks, "what came first," IT executives must address that question prior to projects by creating a roadmap with defined starting points and objectives. According to HT's Lodging Technology Study, 54% of hotels plan to spend more on IT in 2016, and the Restaurant Technology Study reports that 44% of restaurants anticipate tech budgets to increase by 1% to 5% over last year.

HTNG Checks In: Technology's Role in the Five-Step Guest Journey

By: HT Magazine

MAY 10 2016 - HTNG recently hosted its fifth annual Insight Summit Europe (April 5-6, Amsterdam, NL). These Summits provide an intimate venue for members to discuss current issues and acquire practical education on a variety of topics. "The Insight Summit events have been created to allow technology experts and hospitality drivers to come together to discuss technology trends, target issues and define solutions," says Patrick Dunphy, workgroups and IT manager, HTNG. This year's European program focused on the role of technology during the five-step journey of the hotel guest.

HTNG Checks In: Highlights from HTNG's North American Conference

By: Abigail Lorden

APRIL 11 2016 - "Loyalty, Schmoyalty," said former Forrester analyst Henry Harteveldt, founder of Atmosphere Research, to a packed house of hotel technology executives and industry solution providers at HTNG's 2016 North American Conference (March 1-3, Amelia Island. Fla.) "Guests are fickle. If they don't find what they want from you, and you aren't leveraging your data in the right way to serve them, they will move onto a competitor."

HTNG Checks In: Streamline Your Move Above Property with Hotel Industry Guidance

By: Hanna Schiller

MARCH 4 2016 - "A hotel basement, or any on-site location for that matter, should not be housing mission critical IT equipment," says Mike Blake, CEO, HTNG. "Take it above property where it proves to be more reliable and secure, not to mention cost effective." Although many hotel systems still reside on premises, the industry has clearly embraced the technology. Nearly 70% of hotels say they are using some sort of cloud-based solution, according to HT's 2016 Lodging Technology Study.

Venza Group and HTNG Collaborate to Provide Security Learning Solutions

By: HT Magazine

FEBRUARY 26 2016 - Known for providing opportunities for hospitality industry experts to come together and collaborate on solutions to enhance the deployment of technology, Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) has announced its work with Venza Group, the Atlanta-based firm that powers the PEAK® InfoSec Awareness program for hoteliers.

HTNG Checks In: HTNG Shares Three Resolutions for 2016

By: HT Magazine

FEBRUARY 16 2016 - Welcome to the first official edition of "HTNG Checks In," a new regular section appearing in Hospitality Technology magazine. Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) has entered into a strategic alliance with HT magazine - to provide even greater education and support to the hospitality industry. Through this monthly column, HTNG will share best practices, association news and success stories, plus leadership and member insights. Kicking off the first edition, HTNG is excited to share its resolutions for the New Year.

HT & HTNG Team Up

By: Abigail A. Lorden

FEBRUARY 16 2016 - According to Harris Interactive, about 45% of Americans make a New Year's resolution, and one out of three ditch them before the end of January. One study I read said that only eight percent are successful. By the time this issue of Hospitality Technology magazine is in readers' hands, most will have either doubled down or watered down their commitments.

HTNG Releases Entrants for Technology Innovator Awards

By: HT Magazine

FEBRUARY 15 2016 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) has released the nominees for the 2016 TechOvation Award competition. The awards showcase the latest technology solutions and services launched for hospitality over the past year. All entrants will deliver a five-minute presentation on Wednesday, March 2 to a judging panel of hotel IT executives and a live audience at the HTNG North American Conference. A judging panel of senior hospitality IT executives will select three finalists to repeat their presentations in the general session on the next day, where the full audience will pick the winners in a live poll.

HTNG 2016 North American Conference Agenda Addresses Hot Topics for Hospitality

By: HT Magazine

JANUARY 15 2016 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) is set to present an agenda of current issues and emerging technologies to hospitality leaders at the HTNG 2016 North American Conference in Amelia Island, Florida this March. The program includes more than 40 experts who will share their knowledge in sessions that address current hot topics in hospitality technology.