HTNG in the News
Hotel technology under the spotlight at HTNG conference

By: Patrick Ryan

JANUARY 26 2017 - There was a glimpse into the future use of technology at the Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) Conference 2017 in Dubai on Wednesday, 25 January.

The top 5 tech trends for 2017

By: Esther Hertzfeld

JANUARY 3 2017 - HOTEL MANAGEMENT interviewed Michael Blake, CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation, about the technology trends that are coming down the pipeline. Here's what he thinks will take a starring role in 2017.

As the bartender buzzed and whirred, the martini was shaken, not stirred

By: David Sjolander

DECEMBER 27 2016 - Robots taking over certain roles in the hospitality industry is not a question of "if", writes David Sjolander of HTNG, but of "how" and "when". But they will interfere with the human interaction we foster with guests, many hoteliers argue. Then the logical entry point will be in back-of-house functions - but they won't stop there.

Hotel Technology Next Generation: The way forward

By: Monika Nerger

DECEMBER 23 2016 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) was founded in 2002 as a non-profit industry association with a mission to foster collaboration and partnership, in the development of next-generation systems and solutions to enable hoteliers and their technology vendors to do business globally in the 21st century. One of the key industry issues HTNG initially set out to solve was the complex nature of integration between systems. As Monika Nerger explains, the hospitality industry has changed considerably since then, and HTNG is creating a vision for the next decade to support the ever-changing demands of our industry.