Prospective Workgroups

HTNG's workgroups provide many opportunities to shape the industry's development. Prospective workgroups fall into one of the following categories:

  • Potential workgroup: an idea that one or more HTNG members have had for a future workgroup
  • Maintenance workgroup: potential re-chartering to update or improve the workgroups' specifications.


Potential Workgroups

These are ideas that have been informally proposed by HTNG members, which we think may be good candidates for future workgroup efforts. Participation in potential efforts is generally open to both HTNG members and non-members, but may on occasion be limited to certain categories (such as hoteliers only). Descriptions are based upon interest expressed by specific members and are often modified during the charter development process.

  • Enterprise Timekeeping – Develop a solution to standardize timekeeping records to be able to compare against sales and revenue data from the point-of-sale. This would also allow for player tracking systems to be able to view trends, labor costs and productivity.
  • Gamification – Build support for contests related to productivity, sales, etc. to incentivize staff.
  • Group Billing Reconciliation Design an interface to create an automated email from meeting planner to meeting host, with web page that details line items charged for a meeting; information would come from many hotel systems, such as point of sale, PMS, sales and catering, etc.
  • Metasearch Bidding Develop a standards-based solution to support the communication of bids from suppliers/distributors of hotel inventory to metasearch providers, whereby suppliers could automatically deliver bids and receive information from the metasearch providers regarding other bids and current positioning
  • Mobile Device Location – Standardize data structure for describing the location of a device within a venue, including spatial coordinates and common-language descriptions (e.g. “Lobby”).
  • Mobile Device Pairing with Entertainment Systems – Identify existing or developing new standards to support simple pairing of arbitrary guest mobile devices with hotel entertainment systems.
  • Near Field Communications – Identify and develop solutions for the use of NFC technology in hotels, potentially including payments, door lock systems, location services, and other applications.
  • Open API - Burdened by inefficiencies specific to how business systems communicate with each other the hospitality industry is establishing a workgroup specifically focused on  open API's.  The Workgroup will concentrate on modernizing the approach to opening APIs in order to deliver similar efficiencies recognized by other industries. This workgroup is vital in establishing benefits of decreased complexity, concise lead times and the ability to draw on a larger pool of available talent and vendors.
  • Reputation ManagementFacilitate the sharing of data between Online Reputation Management tools and hotel systems, potentially to be used for personalization, satisfaction measurement, service recovery, calculation of performance indicators, and other purposes
  • Shared Global Network – Create a global managed network in which one (or more) vendor(s) would be able to provide end-to-end connectivity. Currently this is only available regionally, and not in all locations.
  • Web Content Publishing Coordination – Establish standards to improve workflow approval processes for hotel-related content destined for hotel, brand and third-party sites.
  • Work Orders – Send closed work order tickets from the systems that manage them for individual hotels, up to the chain systems that collect data to correlate with customer satisfaction, etc.
Potential Re-Charterable Maintenance Workgroups

The following Maintenance Workgroups could re-charter at a future date to revise or expand specifications. For more details about a workgroup's work, click on its name to link to the Wiki page with relevant information about the group.

  • Cellular Coverage - addressed cellular phone coverage issues for hotels by creating a requirements document for an existing architecture (Remote Radio Head) and adapting it for indoor use by multiple Mobile Network Operators for in-building LTE coverage.
  • Device Control Integration - made it easier for guest room devices to talk to each other, by standardizing inter-device messaging (includes environmental controls, safes, minibars, door locks, lighting, and more).
  • Point of Sale - enhanced the HTNG basic point-of-sale interface to achieve tighter integration for such processes as check zoom and end-of-day processing, and to improve the guest lookup facility.
  • Product Distribution - standardized reservation delivery, rate control, availability control, group synchronization, statistics handoff, and other functions necessary for distribution processing.