Maintenance Workgroups

Maintenance Workgroups are previously chartered workgroups that have completed their deliverables and are not currently working on enhancements.  Many workgroups enter a maintenance phase after a major deliverable, to give vendors and hotels time to implement and test the solution before embarking on enhancements.  Maintenance workgroups  meet as needed, often on an infrequent or irregular basis, to address any problems, minor omissions, or clarifications in the solution or its related specifications.

Cellular Coverage Addressed cellular phone coverage issues for hotels, by creating a requirements document for an existing architecture (Remote Radio Head) and adapting it for indoor use by multiple Mobile Network Operators for in building LTE coverage.
Device Control Integration Simplified low-level communications among guest room devices (electrical controls, consumer electronics, HVAC, minibars, safes, door locks, etc.) by standardizing key aspects of inter-device messaging.
Entertainment Device Control The team will reduce confusion and additional remote controls in the guest room by leveraging previous work - the outcome of this work group will extend the Hospitality Profile for HDMI CEC v1.3 for compatibility in Asia, parts of Europe, and South America.
Event Notification Creating updated version of the HTNG Event Notification spec to be compatible with the W3C WS-Eventing standard.
Fiber to the Room This group created a series of best practice documents and webinars on how to effectively deliver and deploy a fiber network in a hotel. Deliverables included an introduction to fiber and Passive Optical Network (PON) technology and design guides for new builds and retrofits. The group is now documenting case studies and power deployment scenarios.
Intelligent Guest Room This workgroup created a common framework for communicating with systems that control guest room devices, enabling hotels to monitor device health and help ensure that hotels, rather than guests, can be the first to discover device malfunctions. The group is now working to extend the framework to simplify communication with and between individual guest room devices.
Mobile Device ID and Authentication Building on recent enhancements to 802.11x standards, this group is working to devise a standard process for registering a device once within a hotel or brand so the device and its user can be recognized automatically when it is in range of any access point.
Point of Sale Enhanced the HTNG basic point-of-sale interface to achieve tighter integration for such processes as check zoom and end-of-day processing, and to improve the guest lookup facility.
Product Distribution Standardized reservation delivery, rate control, availability control, group synchronization, statistics handoff, and other functions necessary for distribution processing.
Virtual Credit Cards Standardize and systematize the identification and business rules for processing virtual credit cards and other non-traditional payments.